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5 Weatherproofing Tips for Your Garage Door

By December 12, 2023Blog, General News, New
  1. Inspect Your Door
    The first step in preparing your door for the colder months is inspecting your door. Open and close your garage door multiple times. Listen for unusual banging sounds and loud noises when the door is moving. Check to make sure the door isn’t catching or jerking. If you notice any unusual movements or noises, this may be a good time to call a technician.
  2. Check the Weather Strip
    Wear and tear are inevitable on your garage door. Weather stripping at the bottom of the door can often crack after continued use and will allow cold air and moisture to leak in, which could freeze your door shut. Weather seals also keep air from flowing between your garage and outside, saving you money on energy costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the space.
  3. Check & Lubricate the Moving Parts of Your Garage Door
    Moving garage parts need regular lubrication to help with friction and wear. Use garage-door-specific lubricant to treat the springs, hinges, rollers, tracks, and opener’s chain.
  4. Examine Your Doors Cables
    Visually inspect cables for frays, tears, and other damage. Damaged cables can cause strain on the door parts and present a safety hazard to anyone using the garage door. Never attempt to repair or replace these cables yourself because of the extreme tension they’re under means they can snap and cause severe or fatal injuries. If you see frayed or broken cables, call a technician or your local Safe-Way dealer.
  5. Replace Your Garage Door
    You may need to replace your old and worn-out garage door with a new energy efficient one. If your door is more than a few decades old or has severe damage, a new garage door can help keep you warm in the winter. If you’re going to get a new garage door, make sure you find one with excellent thermal insulation, like one from our Ambient or Regency Series. The higher the R-Value, the grater the insulating power. You can find your local Safe-Way dealer here: