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Model 715BBU




This operator comes with a Li-polymer Battery Backup power supply. The battery backup power supply fits conveniently into the holster on the operator. The battery is visible, indicates its level of charge and is easily accessible and removable for use as a flashlight or for remote recharging. A motion detector on the holster activates the LED lighting when someone enters the garage. Plus, LED lighting on the holster illuminates the garage during a power outage.


  • Quiet 1/2 HPe 12V DC motor
  • Available with a heavy-duty chain drive or durable belt drive
  • Maintenance-free power train and rail system does not require periodic lubrication
  • 100W courtesy lighting
  • 5-year motor and 1-year parts warranty



  • Performance under Battery Power: Over 100 Cycles in a 24-Hour Period (new & fully charged, room temperature, balanced 8’x7′ sectional door; 10 Cycles at Temperature Extremes)
  • Battery: Lithium –Polymer
  • For your safety & security: LEDs Light the Garage When Under Battery Power
  • Built-in Ultra Bright LED Flash Light: Light Your Way Into a Dark House
  • LED Indicators: Show Battery Status
  • Protection:Built-in Current and Overload
  • Recharge Battery:In Holster or Offline with Plug-In Transformer
  • Effective Battery Life:4-years



  • Photo-eye Safety System with heavy-duty brackets for added stability, reliably reverses the door if the beam is broken
  • ClearCom®Remote Control cut through radio interference with dual burst technology that transmits your code with a 303MHz/390MHz burst to a frequency agile receiver.
  • Stable Radio Code enables radio controls to program to all HomeLink® systems
  • Motion Detected LED Lighting LEDs illuminate when motion is detected…even when the power is out
  • Safety Reverse of a closing door when obstructed and Safety Stop of an opening door
  • Emergency Quick Release for safety



  • Premium 3-Button ClearCom®Remote Control Slim, stylish, comes with a convenient visor clip. Open up to three Guardian garage door openers.
  • Door Control Console Illuminated for your convenience, a handy control to open and close your door.


Model Numbers               Description

715BBU                            1/2 HPe 12V DC Operator Head with Battery and Holster

BBU                                  Battery Backup Power Supply


Notice to CA users:  Important P65 information

This product contains a CR coin cell lithium battery which contains perchlorate material. Special handling may apply. See

Keep away from small children. If battery is swallowed, promptly see a doctor. Do not try to recharge this battery. Disposal of this battery must be in accordance with your local waste management and recycling regulations.


Item Number: 715BBU

Product Manual:  715BBU_Operators Manual English 715BBU_Operators Manual Spanish

Product Brochure: 715BBU Sales Brochure

 Why is a Li-polymer battery superior to a lead-acid battery.pdf

715BBU FAQ.pdf